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On the path of stencilled liturgical books

26th July, 2017 by .Reading time: about 9 minutes.
Natural lighting at Lurs, France
Lurs, France. Image credit: elms*

A fascinating world that still holds many unanswered questions and one that deserves further study as it pertains to the history of the book, the history of letterforms and the history of reproduction.
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What’s coming

26th August, 2016 by .Reading time: about 1 minute.
Stencilled liturgical book, 18th century, Ganagobie, France
Stencilled liturgical book, 18th century, Ganagobie, France. Image credit: elms*

Earlier this week Blondina Elms Pastel met up with Claude-Laurent François—at Les Rencontres internationales de Lure—on the subject of stencilled liturgical books. In our upcoming feature, we will share more on this rendezvous.



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