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Tri-coloured reading glasses with oval frames in shades of red, orange and delicate rose. With their butterfly shape, these frames suit almost any face. The design is elegant, the size is comfortably large, and they come in a jazzy combination of colours. Red front, orange arms and a pale rose inner side. This combination of delicate shades make these reading glasses perfect for those of you who are looking for glasses that not only brighten up any outfit, but also make a fashion statement all of their own! Fun, fashionable and affordable unisex Danish designed reading glasses with durable polycarbonate frames and aspherical acrylic lenses, creating a light, slender and elegant look, even for lenses of higher strength.

Available in strengths from +1 to +3
Flexible arms for a comfortable fit
All metal components are nickel-free
Felt storage case include

Which strength?
When it comes to common, age-related long sight, we humans are relatively similar and, broadly-speaking, the information below will provide a good guideline:
40 years: +1
45 years: +1,5
50 years: +2
55 years: +2,5
60 years: +3

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