Blondina Elms Pastel, Typote Design Workshops
Blondina Elms Pastel, Typote Design Workshops

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With over 30 years' experience as an artist / designer, 25 years' experience in the art of calligraphy and 9 years' experience as an educator in art and design; Blondina brings her passion and experince to Typote Design workshops and has taught in the Caribbean, Europe and Asia (working with children and adults). Blondina graduated summa cum laude from the faculty of Communication Design at the Insitut régional d'art visuel de la Martinique; received a Master in Typeface design from the University of Reading and attained the degree of Expert class Type design with distinction from the Plantin Institute of Typography, under Frank E. Blokland, at the world renowned Plantin-Moretus Museum. She has also sat on multiple juries in Europe. You can find out more about Blondina here.

Her passion for her profession and sharing her knowledge, led to the creation of Typote Design workshops, where she provides training in calligraphy, lettering, typeface design and graphic design. Typote Design workshops are open to anyone who is keen on developing their practical skills and theoretical knowledge. Find out more about our workshops below.

Should you like to host a workshop at your school, university or organization we would love to hear from you.
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The craft of calligraphy is pleasurable and rewarding. Typote Design workshops offers a complete practical calligraphy course which will guide you through a variety
of traditional calligraphy scripts. We begin the initiation using a pencil, progressing through to pen and ink work.

Step-by-step demonstrations and methodized exercises
will help you to progress in competence and confidence. Typote Design workshops will provide you with relevant knowledge (the why & how)
in letterform construction,
page composition and layout, helping you to master the art of beautiful writing.

Projects include: Poster, concertina book, invitation, manuscript book, illuminated letter….



Hand lettering is a charming and engaging art. Typote design workshops in lettering will provide you with applicable knowledge, helping you to acquire the fundamentals of flawless lettering.

We will study, discuss and explain the basic styles which are fundamental to all lettering (Roman, Italic, Gothic, Script and Block). Providing you with the "why & how" of the correct form of individual letters, and of the consideration of size, form, weight, layout, spacing and execution in any lettering project.

Typote Design workshops will also enable you to digitize your hand lettering for reproduction.

Projects include: Post card, label, drop caps, monogram, logotype, bookplate, book cover….

Typeface design

Type design is a demanding
and valuable craft. Our typeface design workshops are set-up
in two segments.

The first segment focuses on understanding letterform structure through handwritten forms and drawing letterforms by hand, from first intentions
to working drawings.
You will acquire knowledge
of proportion, rhythm and anatomy with regard to typographic form, all of which are fundamental to designing type. The second segment will focus on font production. There, you will be instructed in the use of font editing and production software, with the goal of producing your own font.

Segment 1
Study letterform construction, ductus and contrast and the difference between typographic letterforms and handwriting.
•Study of different contrast types based on specific writing tools (broad-pen and pointed-pen).
• Study how serifs guide form and contrast.
• Introduction to type design (application of acquired knowledge to start designing
a font)

Segment 2
Conversion of hand drawn letterforms to digital format.
• Introduction to font editor
and production software.
• Glyph encodings, fitting, kerning, accents.
• OpenType features.
• Font generation


To be a great designer you must be a great problem solver. The main focus of our design workshops is to help you develop skills in solving design problems. Visual space is shaped by an interplay of form and counterform, we will enable you to master visual space.

The strategies we pass onto you through our curated projects can be applied to any design framework, two-or-three dimensional.


The outlines above serve as a guide and are open to accommodate modifications in the interest of the participants.